Key Stage One

The Key Stage One Team at Girnhill are dedicated to providing a high standard of education through teaching of the ambitious National Curriculum.  Teachers and staff within the Key Stage One Team aim to ensure that all children achieve their full potential through a range of core and wider curriculum subjects that are made exciting and challenging.  Staff aim to develop strong parent-partnerships throughout parental workshops, termly parents’ meetings (in which we discuss teaching and learning), class assemblies, open mornings and INSPIRE mornings.

Key Stage One Information:


Opening Times: – Please take a look at your child’s class opening times.

Foxes Class (Year 2):
Start: 8:40AM – 8:50AM
Finish: 3:05PM – 3:15PM

Otter Class (Year 1/2):
Start:  8:50AM – 9:00AM

Finish: 3:!5AM – 3:25AM

Rabbit Class (Year 1):

Start: 09:00AM – 09:10AM

Finish: 3:25PM – 3:35PM

If you arrive after this time you will have to enter school via the main reception doors and your child will receive a late mark.


School Uniform – School uniform is available to purchase from our online store. See the uniform page for more information.


School Dinners – All children are eligible for Free School Meals. Your child will have an option of 3 school meals to choose on our online ordering system. If you do not wish for your child to have a school dinner you can opt for your child to have a packed lunch.


P.E. – We ask that your child arrives at school in their PE Kit on their P.E day. Please ensure that your child’s P.E. kit is appropriate for all weathers. Your child’s P.E day is listed below.

Foxes Class (Year 2): Monday
Otter Class (Year 1/2): Tuesday

Rabbit Class (Year 1): Thursday

Outdoor Learning – Children in Key Stage One have scheduled access to an outdoor learning environment and Wellbeing Garden. Within these spaces, they access a variety of learning opportunities. Key Stage One children also have access to the main playground 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and lunchtime). Please make sure that your child is prepared for all weathers.

Snack – Fruit is offered for every child on a daily basis.

Milk Milk can be provided for your child, if you wish to continue with this from Reception. There would be a cost implication for this once they enter Year One unless you are entitled to Income Related Free School Meals. Please contact the main school reception for more information.

Library – Children will have access to our school’s lending library once a week. Books will only be changed if the child wishes to change it and if the previous book has been returned to school.

Reading Books – Your child’s reading books is changed on a Friday. Every child receives a reading book that they have been reading in class, so that they can consolidate their understanding at home. Children will also receive a Book Bag Book. Please ensure that you provide us with confirmation that your child has read the Book Bag Book, so that we can send a new one home with your child at the end of the week.  Reading books will only be changed if the previous book has been returned to school.

Book Bags, Coat and Water Bottle:  Please ensure that your child brings their water bottle and book bag and coat everyday 

The National Curriculum At the end of each year, children are assessed against the National Curriculum.  These are age related expectations that are set nationally to monitor and track the progress of children’s learning. Information is gathered daily through activities such as observations and questioning. The Key Stage One teachers will have termly parent/carer meetings to keep you informed of these end of year expectations and keep you up to date in ways to further support your child’s development at home. Information can also be found on the school website.