Welcome to Reception Class

Early Years Team Leader: Miss L Robinson

Early Years Vision:

The Early Years Team at Girnhill are dedicated to creating an outstanding provision which provides high quality practice to drive the learning and outcomes forward.

They are committed to ensuring both provision and teaching are nurturing, engaging and providing appropriate opportunities and challenges for all children.

Staff are enthusiastic about engaging parents/carers and involving them in their children’s learning. Children and their families are invited to visit the Nursery before their start date to ensure that children become familiar in their surroundings and enables parents/carers to have those valuable conversations with their child’s key worker. This relationship is further established throughout Early Years by parental workshops – Nutty about Numbers and Fun with Phonics, termly parental meetings to discuss teaching and learning, class assemblies, open mornings and INSPIRE mornings.

Reception Information:

The doors to Reception open at 8.50am. The doors to Reception will close promptly at 9am. If you arrive after this time you will have to enter school via the main reception doors and your child will receive a late mark.

School Uniform

School uniform is available to purchase from our online store. See the uniform page for more information.

School Dinners

All children are eligible for Free School Meals. Your child will have an option of 3 school meals to choose on our online ordering system. If you do not wish for your child to have a school dinner you can opt for your child to have a packed lunch.  If you choose to send your child with a packed lunch we ask that you do not send a drink as this will be provided by school.


Reception children have P.E. on a Thursday Afternoon for Badgers 1 and  Friday Afternoon for Badgers 2. We ask that your child arrives at school in their PE Kit on this day.

Outdoor Learning

Children in Early Years have open access to an outdoor learning environment where they can access a variety of learning opportunities, please make sure your child is prepared for all weathers. Reception children will also have access to the main playground during lunchtime playtime.


Fruit is offered for every child on a daily basis. Milk is available for all children until the term before their fifth birthday. If you wish to continue your child having milk after this point then there would be a cost implication. Please contact the main school reception for more information.


Children will have access to our school’s lending library once a week on a Friday. Books will only be changed if the child wishes to change it and if the previous book has been returned to school.

Learning Journeys

Children’s work and learning is stored in folders. Parents/carers will have opportunities throughout the year, at open mornings, to view and comment on their child’s learning journeys.

End of Year Expectations

At the end of Early Years children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals (ELG). These are age related expectations that are set nationally to monitor and track the progress of children’s learning. Information is gathered daily through activities such as observations and questioning. The Reception teachers will have termly parent/carer meetings to keep you informed of these end of year expectations and keep you up to date in ways to further support your child’s development at home.