At Girnhill Infant School, our children are expected to behave positively and appropriately to contribute to the culture in place at Girnhill Infant School.

We believe that staff and pupils have the right to work in an environment that is safe, friendly, calm, peaceful and fair. It is the role of school leaders, teachers, support staff, non-teaching staff and pupils to work together to achieve this goal through a consistent and transparent culture.

We have high expectations for behaviour which enables our children to have a developing understanding of how we behave and conduct ourselves in our school. We consistently and constantly reinforce our expectations in a positive and calm approach, allowing our children to really understand how positive behaviour impacts on friendships, relationships, success and enjoyment at school.

Our children meet the expectations set out in our school values by demonstrating

 Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Recognition

We also follow our school rules the 3L’s

Look after yourself

Look after each other

Look after this place

We also use emotion coaching principles to support our children to name and validate their emotions whilst being supported to understand boundaries and problem solve.