Science has changed our lives and it is vital to the world’s future prosperity.  Consequently, as teachers of Science, at Girnhill Infant School, we encourage our children to be curious, make observations and make connections about themselves and the world around them; looking more closely at the natural and human constructed world around them. Our practical, hands–on approach to Science learning, encourages children to ask thought provoking questions, make close observations, classify, predict and use their senses to find out about why things happen in certain ways.

At Girnhill, Science is taught through the ambitious National Curriculum and the Early Years Foundation Stage. As the Children move throughout school, they are given the opportunity to build on their knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage and explore the Understanding of the World in greater depth through the subject specific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

At Girnhill Infant School, we want our children to become ‘scientists’ where they work and think scientifically to develop a secure foundation of skills, knowledge and understanding. We encourage all children to use a range of scientific vocabulary and definitions that a scientist would use to talk about their observations, findings and ideas. Practical, hands on experiences to our Science learning also allow children make meaningful connections to real life experiences whilst bringing Science to life thus, allowing them to research, predict, interpret and present like a scientist.

At Girnhill Infant School:

  • We plan using the Early Years Foundation Stage and the ambitious National Curriculum.
  • We enhance the curriculum using our Science Progression Grid.
  • We develop our understanding of the British Values and SMSC links throughout our science learning.
  • Subject progression grids are used to develop long term planning and ensure that teachers plan a considered sequence of experiences.
  • Teachers use the long term planning to plan units of work and deliver individual science lessons.

Our Science Progression Grid outlines the skills, knowledge and vocabulary that our pupils are expected to learn during their time at Girnhill Infant School. We approach all of our science learning by following the Rosenshine Principles; supporting our pupils to know more and remember more. This ensures that learning is secured before the children move onto further areas of scientific study.